Board of Directors

The Lassalle-Institut is an association according to Art. 60 ff. ZGB (Swiss Civil Code, association with a social or other non-commercial purpose). The Institute is sponsored by the Jesuits in Central Europe. The organs of the Association are the Association Assembly and the Board, which decide on the strategic direction of the Institute.


Gebi Küng, President

Gebi Küng supports and accompanies successful entrepreneurs and their companies in key phases with strategic clarity, fresh perspectives and drive.

"Good decisions serve life and development; this is exactly what the Lassalle-Institut promotes and supports day after day."



Hansruedi Kleiber SJ, Member of the Executive Board

Hansruedi Kleiber SJ,  former university chaplain in Basel, later Provincial of the Swiss Jesuits, Rector of the Jesuit Church in Lucerne.

"The Lassalle-Institut offers a unique space for personal encounters and exchange."



Tobias Karcher SJ, Director Lassalle-Institut

Tobias Karcher is director of the Lassalle-Haus and the Lassalle-Institut.

«It is not always a wealth of information that helps us. Sometimes it takes careful perception, "sensing and tasting" what moves us, as Ignatius, our founder of the Order, writes, to find clarity and a good decision.».