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Dialogue, education, and research for good decision-making.

The Lassalle Institute supports and fosters the Lassalle community which consists of people in leadership positions. It is part of a worldwide network of Educational and Research institutions maintained by the Jesuits ("Societas Jesu"). The Jesuits are an international religious order of the Roman Catholic Church. They are committed to education, social justice, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, and socio-economic transformation.


30 years for good decision-making

The Lassalle Institute was founded in 1995 by Jesuit Father Niklaus Brantschen SJ and psychologist Pia Gyger. The name goes back to the Jesuit and Zen teacher Hugo Enomiya Lassalle (1898-1990), who is considered a bridge builder between Eastern and Western thinking as well as between spirituality and professional practice. Today the institute is directed by the Jesuit Tobias Karcher SJ. The Lassalle-Haus of the same name is the birthplace of the Institute; however, it will be run independently and will be based both in Zurich (Hochschulquartier) an Bad Schönbrunn from 2023.


Virtual tour of the Lassalle-Haus