Eco-Social Transformation

Accompany changes in a meaningful way

Eco-Social Transformation

In May 2015, Pope Francis published the environmental and social encyclical letter "Laudato Si". Its main message is the close connection between the two central challenges of our time: Environmental destruction and growing poverty. They share a common root: We have forgotten to understand the world, nature and people as a web of relationships and to cultivate these relationships. This results in changes that need to be accompanied in a meaningful way. Various platforms at the Lassalle-Institut offer the community the opportunity to delve into these urgent issues and take action.

Eco summer camp

Young people are the key to shaping tomorrow's society. The Eco Summer Camp is aimed at young adults between the ages of 18-35 from Switzerland and Europe who want to promote eco-social change within themselves and in the world. Various challenges and contributions to solutions are considered in depth in an atmosphere of joint listening, consideration and practical action. The aim is to build up an international network of young people. The Eco summer camps contribute to a true cultural and spiritual transformation from homo consumericus (consumer man) to homo integralis (integral man).


Environmental Justice - Summer University

The international conference "Environmental Justice" offers an interdisciplinary platform for dialogue among the scientific community: Researchers, students, activists and decision-makers engaged in the social-ecological transition. It is jointly organised by Georgetown University, Leuphana University, the Stellenbosch Sustainability Institute and the Lassalle-Institut.



FaithInvest's initiatives are driven by the belief that religions can become a collective global force to generate investment for the ecologically threatened common good. Through various activities, they invite to build bridges between faith communities and the world of investment and to facilitate a better understanding of each other. The Lassalle-Institut is in close contact with FaithInvest and also transforms the inspiration and know-how into its own community.


The Institute

The Lassalle-Institut is a unique educational institution in Switzerland that combines issues of leadership, ethics, spirituality and personal development.


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