People in leadership responsibility, with each other for others.


The Lassalle Community is a network of people in positions of leadership in business, politics, and society in Switzerland and in neighboring countries. It is supported and promoted by the Lassalle Institute and is part of a worldwide network of Educational and Research institutions maintained by the Jesuits ("Societas Jesu") (see "Institute").

Growing with the changes of the time

It is necessary and always possible to grow in the face of change, as generations of people before us have proven. Those in positions of leadership are especially called to do so. In this regard, the Jesuit vision, especially in relation to leadership roles, is to be and act as "people with others for others." This mission requires time for reflection, exchange, and practice. And it is precisely this time that the members of the Lassalle community take to meet their objective.

Inspired action and meaningful guidance

Inspired and inspirational work is a creative practice that is also rooted in spirituality. The practice is constantly evolving in different contexts and therefore requires continuous exploration. An inquiry that can be made transparent. And those who want to put creative practice into action must do so regularly. Key components are personal development, corporate value creation, and the shift to sustainability.

Invitations to people with leadership responsibility

The community invitations address personalities in a concrete and individual, trusting and discreet way; they encourage them to grow through challenges.
The community encounters include attractive expert inputs as well as structured conversation opportunities.
Results of interdisciplinary research, as well as useful documentation, focusing on personality development and organisational leadership are made available.

We would be happy to talk to you personally about any questions you may have. What drives you in your position? What topics interests you that you would like to share with other leadership professionals? What do you aspire to in the execution of your leadership practice? We look forward to hearing from you:

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