Strategy and Forward Planning Workshop 2022


Strategy and Forward Planning Workshop 2022

Lassalle-Haus, Zug, Switzerland

April 3rd - 6th, 2022
(Sunday evening until Wednesday afternoon)

FaithInvest has a deep conviction that faith groups can become the most powerful collective global force to generate investments for the common good.  Against the background of the current ecological crises and covid-19 pandemic, FaithInvest, in partnership with the Lassalle Institut, invite you to join us in this period of strategic review as we look to the future and plan our next steps in this journey.


We feel it is important to create a space in which we have the time to take a step back and reflect on the bigger picture as we look to the future and plan our next steps.   This is an opportunity to disconnect from the sense of isolation that the global pandemic has bought, to really be present and connect with others.  We will ensure there are opportunities for this coalition of key actors to reflect deeply on the ideas of money and investing, and also the challenges we face when it comes to the bigger issues of how we manage our money and assets in line with our values.

We hope that this will enable a better understanding of different faiths and cultures. It will help to deepen personal goals and values. It will start to build a common language between faith leaders and the investment world, exploring opportunities for positive impact as we build this movement.

In this meeting we plan to address questions such as:

  • Goals and values. What are our personal goals and values? Where do we find them in our culture, in our faiths, and in our work? Which goals and values do we, or can we, share?
  • What is necessary for a fruitful engagement? Can we listen? Can we handle what is familiar and what is strange for us and yet stay connected?
  • What are the obstacles to understanding different worlds, different beliefs, and different values? What alarms us most about working with people who are very different? How do we mindfully address our own personal and professional issues?
  • Future direction. Where do we need to put our energy to build the movement and network, to enable values-based and faith-consistent investing to become mainstream?


We are inviting a core group of up to 10 participants from the world of faiths, ethical investment, sustainable development and care for our common world, whose high-level thinking and participation in the faith and/or investment community, both within their own organisations and within the wider world, can help FaithInvest as we take time to strategically review our next steps and future direction.


FaithInvest is an international, not-for-profit organisation for religious groups and faith-based institutional investors. Our aim is to grow the scale and impact of faith-consistent, values-driven investing worldwide.  Please see for more information; or email for further enquiries.

The Lassalle-Institut is an educational institution of the Swiss Jesuits. It is located close to Zug, in the heart of Switzerland. The Lassalle-Institut specifically addresses leaders in economy, politics and society, offering dialogue, seminars and conferences in order to support them in making good decisions.

Practical Details

The workshop will take place in the beautiful Lassalle-Haus, Schönbrunn 3, 6313 Edlibach, Switzerland which is easily accessible from Zurich. The workshop will take place from April 3-6, 2022 beginning with a gathering on the evening of Sunday 3rd and ending in the afternoon on Wednesday 6th. There is an option to extend your stay at the Lassalle-Haus and use the special atmosphere of silence for relaxation or a personal retreat.


FaithInvest will cover the cost of economy travel and your stay at Lassalle Haus. Please do be in touch with Pippa Arnold who will arrange your travel to Zug  (



And please feel free to contact FaithInvest or Lassalle-Institut for further details:

  • Pippa Arnold, Faithinvest:
  • Tobias Karcher SJ, Lassalle-Institut:


Bad Schönbrunn
6313 Edlibach
+41 41 757 14 78