Lassalle Institut

Pia Gyger

Founder and Project Director

Special Needs Educator, Psychologist (Dip. IAP) and authorized Zen Master, member of the Katharina-Wer

Pia Gyger and Niklaus Brantschen founded the Lassalle-Institut in 1995 under the name Institut for the Creation of Spiritual Consciousness in Business and Politics. They led the institut together until autumn of 2003. As a course leader and a leader of the project Jerusalem - Open City for Learning World Peace. Pia Gyger remains closely connected with the Lassalle-Intstitut.

From 1982 to 1993 she was General Director of the Katharina-Werk community and effected the spiritual and institutional-structural renewal of the community, which had until that time been open only to women.

From 1983 trough 1988 underwent Zen training under the direction of Yamada Koun Roshi in Kamakura. She completed her Zen training under Aitken Roshi in Hawaii in 1990 and received authorization to teach and she was given the name One Ground from him in 1996. She has been authorized Zen Master in the White Plum Sangha since 1999 and bears the additional Dharma name Jinji (Divine Mercy).

Together with Niklaus Brantschen she founded the Lassalle Zen lineage in 2003.

She founded the Project for the Meeting of the World Religions in 1986 and Sister Pia's Greenhouse School in the slums of Ibayo on the edge of metropolitan Manila in 1989. In 1992 she initiated LaboRio 21, a training program in spiritual-political consciousness for young people.

She is an experienced seminar leader, a much well known lecturer and a author whose books include Maria, Tochter der Erde, Königin des Alls (Mary, Daughter of Earth and Queen of the Universe) and Höret die Stimme des Herzens. Werdet Priesterinnen und Priester der kosmischen Wandlung (Hear the Voice of the Heart. Become Priestesses and Priests of the Cosmic Transformation).