Lassalle Institut

The Lassalle-Institut addresses leaders in business, politics and other sectors of society and advocates ethics rooted in holistic consciousness.

One of the Lassalle-Institut’s outstanding features is its «Lassalle-Institut-Modell»® (LIM), an integral approach which addresses and foster’s a person’s rational, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

The Lassalle-Institut is an accredited NGO at the United Nations in New York, at ECOSOC and DPI. It has been EduQua certified since 2007.

The institute is domiciled at the Lassalle-Haus, Bad Schönbrunn, Switzerland.
Both institutions are named after Jesuit Father Hugo Enomiya Lassalle (1898-1990).

The Institut was founded by Niklaus Brantschen and Pia Gyger in 1995. The director is Anna Gamma.